joe f clark

Why do your customers buy from you versus the competition? How confident are you that your executive team would answer that question the same way? How about your managers and your staff?

Joe F. Clark, a strategy execution consultant, will explore the fundamental business question, “ What business are we in to satisfy the customers we want” and how it drives decision-making, collaboration, employee engagement, and just about everything else in your organization. He also gives insights the most important skills for CEO’s to have to be successful in a very changing economic landscape.

Joe has over 18 years of strategic planning, operational management, and entrepreneurial experience and is highly sought-after by board directors, executives, and managers from mid-cap businesses to the Global 500 enterprise. He has co-created the Keys to Strategy Execution™ model that has helped thousands of managers across dozens of organizations execute strategy and create competitive advantage. Listen to Joe on The Business Edge

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