There are TV Private Investigators and then there is The Real Thing. Today we have the Real Thing! George Eleftheriou will be here to tell us about many of his investigations along with many provocative situations. George has been in places that we can only imagine such as working as a Criminal Investigator out of the Bronx Supreme Court including three years undercover in the roughest neighborhoods of New York City. He then moved to the dangerous Art Deco streets of South Florida and all of this after serving in the Marine Corps. George is going to share with us, although he himself is married, why he agrees with many concepts within the book, “Don’t Get Married, Get a Five Year Contract.” You do not want to miss the extreme honest dialogue that takes place as George paints the picture of why most people should not be married. And this includes people from all walks of life. George will bring to us the very gritty side of marriage gone wrong and this show is for Mature Audiences.