Our most formative years are between birth and the time we leave home around age 18. Young people are impressionable, soft clay ready to be molded. We heed the signposts, mentally taking note about how to navigate our world. It’s during this time that we can learn to acquire the tools, tips, and tricks needed to live a virtuous and successful life. Hosts Henna Hundal and Asya Gonzalez share the skills they’ve learned and how they want to embrace life as adults and interview two amazing guests. Author of Bird Face, Mississippi’s Cynthia Toney talks about her admiration for teenagers and the importance of being supportive while gleaning as much proficiency in what matters as possible. Her passion is rescuing animals. Ricky Roberts III is the author of four books, including YOU, What Really Matters. He is a youth advocate, speaker, and visionary who believes that everyone matters and deserves to know it. He is the creator of You Are Valued, a nonprofit organization that inspires youth to see the value in who they are, and appreciate the same in others. As we say at Be the Star You Are!®, “Everyone counts, especially YOU!” Learn something new every day. Having a skill set in whatever is important to you makes a difference in your quality of living. Listen at Voice America Kids Radio and Photos, descriptions, links, and listen here.

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Watch our newest video of host Hennal talking about Express Yourself! Radio


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and Caiseen, Jennifer, and Zahra discussing Possibilities for Prisoners Project:


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