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The talk show “Boomers Rock” has always needed a financial fitness segment, I mean one of the most debilitating thoughts for anyone, let alone boomers, is the stress that accompanies financial pressure. Heck it is no wonder with the way markets bounce, 401k, 403b, investment portfolio, stocks, bonds, real estate, just to name a few, I find it overwhelming and I am sure many others do as well. I just knew that finding a knowledgeable person in finance, someone with passion and energy would be a huge asset to our conduit of great information pipeline (the talk show).


But alas I recruited, asked and tried to sell it to several people over the last year and a half no one would step up, basically they thought it would be too much work or something like that, however I was not to be denied!

As Will McAvoy of the HBO television show “Newsroom” (a new family fave) said:
“Americas darkest days are followed by its finest hours.”

Into our talk show came our guy from Milwaukee, Kirk Spano, and halleluiah! Finally someone who really gets our collective mindset of our extended family and sharing the knowledge. Finally someone who buys into our “Refirement Zone-Ignite Your Life” mentality. Finally, all I can say is welcome to the collective.


Kirk owns Bluemound Asset Management, in Milwaukee and is regularly published on of the Wall Street Journal Network and Motley Fool Personal Finance, the 1st and 3rd largest financial publishers in America. Kirk has appeared on Fox Business News Network, speaks at public and private events on all of the aspects of investing and now he is the go to guy for the “Boomers Rock” radio show financial fitness segment.

Some of Kirk’s blogs for Market Watch have been specifically targeted for information geared toward us, the boomers. Here is a quick synopsis of one of his articles and why we need to listen to our new brotha of finance, check this out, I personally fall into every one of these attributes, ugh!

Early in life, few boomers started an IRA (uhm, I did’nt even know what an IRA was, kinda thought it was an army in Ireland, whoops)

In young adulthood, many boomers overspent on cars (yep, been there done that for sure)
In mid-life, many boomers overspent on homes (but we are conditioned that they always appreciate in value and it is a great investment, whoops again)


In general, most boomers overspent and under-invested for most of their lives (I wrote a whole chapter on this one, just read the chapter on the lost decade in “Maximize Your Quality of Life-The 200% Solution)

Getting the point here, I probably need his knowledge more than anyone, hence the segment, you see the method to my talk show madness.

Kirk sees the vision, he is there with us everyone and his input and energy will not only make the talk show better, it will help us all understand the nuances of the financial jungle, did I say HALLELUIAH. On Wednesday 9/5/2012 Kirk made his reentry into our orbit, (below is the podcast link), and here is a synopsis of our talk.


We now live in a “Transitional Economy

What is “Asset Allocation”

If you are just a few years from your “Refirement” time maybe you should think about reducing financial risk.

Why “rates of return” is something we need to understand.

Get the whole story and lesson from our new “Brotha” in the podcast, and be aware that we have a new sheriff on the financial fitness segment of “Boomers Rock” and his name is Captain Kirk!

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