A ‘Culvers’ restaurant story of success!

This weeks episode brings together a very special ensemble, illustrating giving back to the community with the ‘Culvers Restaurant’ Franchisee in Grand Haven, Angela Taylor. As community leader and business owner Angela epitomizes our ‘Superior-Seniors’ in her hiring practices.


Larry Cooper, a 76 year old young employee of Angelas, a perfect example of our never give up generation and not waiting for the end to occur will be our cleanup hitter on this episode.

Broadcast Saturday December 13th, on WGHN 1370 AM, Grand Haven, mornings 9-10, airing throughout the western shore cities of Lake Michigan, inspiration and education begin here.


Angela will share the backstory of the ‘never say die’ attitude of building a premier business in Grand Haven from scratch. Her relationship with Larry Cooper and how his staying connected to life through her outreach and hiring practices of never ‘marginalizing’ older adults is testament to the Boomers Rock mantra of helping others achieve.