Authentic LivingJust wanted to send a special thank you to you and all of the members of the team that is VoiceAmerica and the 7th Wave Network for all of your kind and professional help in making this radio show happen. In all of my life I’ve never worked with an organization in which ALL of the people I worked with were always kind, giving and very professional. You know in this old world, you learn to expect rudeness and unprofessionalism. I have not once found it at VoiceAmerica. Every email, phone call and production issue has been answered quickly, efficiently and with kind professionalism. Every problem has been quickly resolved with, again, kind professionalism. The production staff have always been kind and helpful as well as professional when I’m actually performing on the show and every little detail is always attended to. I don’t know how you guys managed to make that happen, but I’m very grateful. It just makes life so much easier when there’s a gentle flow to everything and gentle flow aptly describes my experience with everyone there. Everyone. Please feel free to send this out to everyone there to let them know of my appreciation. I try to say thanks in every contact, but it’s just not enough. THANKS!

Andrea Matthews, Host