Now and then I know you like to hear some “good stuff” and, because “good stuff” is so abundant at VA sometimes those of us who are on the receiving end don’t think to say “Thank You.” Yesterday, I had a guest in London who, a few hours before the show, decided he didn’t want to use Skype because he didn’t trust the quality of his connection. I called Scott Duffy who put things in motion. They set Skype up to call the guest’s phone instead of his Skype name (a fairly new service of Skype) and Kevin called before show time to “do a sound check.” (something I consider to be “above and beyond the call of duty). The guest was thrilled, as was I, and the show was seamless. VoiceAmerica has a more-than-terrific staff and this is an enthusiastic “Thank You.”

Irene Conlan
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