If you are looking for a new campaign to join than this week’s show has plenty of fuel for the soul.
Broadcast Saturday December 20th, on WGHN 1370 AM, Grand Haven, mornings 9-10, airing throughout the western shore cities of Lake Michigan, inspiration and education begin here.
David Hornack loves people, and especially children. We love David because he really cares about our overall health of society and multi-generational relationships. Together we have created the concept of “Boomers Rock Unified.”

Our Grand Haven ‘Boomers Rock Local’ guest is a giver with a bottomless well of love for care givers Petra Forbes. You know her from the ‘Caregiver Resource Center’ she created.
David Hornack, a 2013 Governors fitness award winner and principle of Horizon Elementary in Holt, Michigan is a unifying force of positive energy; you just cannot get enough of his enthusiasm and true grit love for his community and kids. Listen to our plan to bring a new concept to life, and build multi-generational goodwill and health.


This is a can’t miss project and we need your help, plus it can help you as our ‘Middle-Living’ brothers and sisters move forward.
Petra Forbes found her passion for caregiving when she began her career at Mercy Health in 2001; it shows in her energy and passion.
Key Words and phrases to listen for-

• Staying generationally connected
• Youth and enrichment of the aging process
• Volunteering and supporting your community
• Advanced learning
• The wellness of giving and sharing knowledge
• Reading to youth
• Mentorship
• Social cues
• Exercise and maintaining your health
• Resources in Grand Haven, Michigan