On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call, we continued the conversation about Delusional Thinking and the Magic of Reality. What a fascinating discussion and topic! Beth Green is taking on delusional and magical thinking this year, starting with how the New Age and New Thought movements actually TEACH magical thinking…that you can create what your ego desires. Is that what we need? More ways to fulfill our egos’ desires? Or do we need to learn to find the magic in facing reality as it is. I am NOT going to be a ballerina if I am disabled, no matter how much positive thinking I engage in. And I don’t need to feel any shame that I have not manifested something that I am not capable of manifesting! On the call this morning, we shared our deeply held delusions and their painful consequences. One example is that I can save my mentally ill daughter or husband with my special love for them. Another is that domination and intimidation will lead to a happy and healthy relationship with my children and that it will teach them to listen.  Join our discussion and share your delusions in a community where it is safe to be real. We welcome your comments.