divorce5 Kindle Cover

Divorce can be tough, scary, and expensive. You have to deal with emotional issues, financial issues, and legal issues. If you have children, you also have to address their needs. Virginia Colin and Rebecca Martin show you how to
• set the stage for an inexpensive divorce, gather information, and avoid some pitfalls
• get some free or nearly free legal advice about your specific legal questions
• take good care of yourself as your life changes in big ways
• make the family changes easier for your kids to handle
• find free or low-cost, good-quality therapy for your kids if they need additional help
• structure a solid co-parenting plan, and
• work with a reluctant or argumentative spouse.


If you want a road map to help you handle your divorce mostly as a do-it-yourself process, thereby saving huge amounts of money, then this guide is what you need. It is useful in any state and gives particular attention to Virginia’s laws.