Each day brings an opportunity to enliven, inspire, and elevate other people’s lives. The question is, how are you going to find the big and small ways to be caring and helpful? Hosts Henna Hundal and Asya Gonzalez explore what it means to act with altruism, to fulfill our civic virtues, to be our neighbor’s keeper, and to be our most benevolent selves. The Gift of Giving reporter, Katelyn Darrow, shares stories from her life that inspired her to create Angels of God charity and encourages acts of kindness every day. For a fresh perspective on the topic, the youngest person ever to audition for be a reporter on Express Yourself!™, ten-year-old Sam Casey along with his cousin, Eddie, join the ladies with a new segment called Game Boys. Whether playing on-line games is helpful is debatable, so we’ll wait to hear from you.

Be helpful. Care, share, and be fair.

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