religious violence

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call we took on the controversial topic or how we use our religious beliefs to rationalize violence. What a timely and painful subject! People on the call recounted how their own childhood religious training taught them to believe they were right and everyone else was wrong and that that justified violence, as in Israel and Palestine. Others shared how Catholicism was taught to be the one and only true religion and the prejudice and judgments that came from believing that or the criticism that came from NOT believing that. Our callers related on so many levels, personally and collectively to the notion of using religious beliefs as a way of feeling righteous and acting that out in violent ways. How did your childhood training relate to this topic? Or were you raised atheist, a belief system that research shows leading to less violence? Can one have spiritual beliefs that lead to oneness consciousness and peace on earth? Join our conversation online, where it is safe to be real and you are welcome!