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If you are overweight you may have tried everything you can think of to lose the weight and have a slender, healthy body. You probably have been to counselors, nutritionists and doctors who specialize in weight loss. You have been on starvations diets, ketosis diets, fad diets, and doctor-supervised diets. They all worked for a time and then—fat again. You have addressed every possible cause that you know of. But what about those causes you don’t know about? What about the subconscious programming that isn’t in your awareness but causes you to eat more than you need and prompts your body to hang on to every pound of fat it gets? Asher Fox addresses the subconscious, conscious and environmental levels of human behavior in a way that creates generative change and lasting life-long results. He specializes in weight loss and is having remarkable success. Ask yourself the question: “Have I suffered enough?” and tune in to hear what Asher Fox has to say. Visit Asher Fox website.

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