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Even superheroes have flaws, even great literary characters have foibles. We have to learn to accept both our strengths and our weaknesses in order to live fulfilling lives. In this powerful show, hosts Henna Hundal and Asya Gonzalez give you the tools you need to appreciate the gift of acceptance. The teens interview entrepreneur and actor Jake Johnson, who started his first family business venture at age eight. Now in high school, Jake was recently named the winner of Warren Buffett’s “Grow Your Own Business” challenge. In addition, Diana Zimmerman, an author, businesswoman, humanitarian, and performer known as the “World’s Foremost Lady Magician”, gives insight on how to break free of insecurities and embrace your uniqueness. With star guests and stimulating conversation, this show sheds light on the importance of knowing yourself, being yourself, and accepting yourself.

Guest bios:

Jake Johnson is a young teen who enjoys playing soccer, football, while running cross country and track and playing piano!Jake Johnson started his acting career at the age of seven. he is best known for his role of “young Ricky” on “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and for his role of Lucas Moran for six seasons of Lifetime’s “Army Wives”. At the age of 8, he and his sister Lachlan started their first business called Flipoutz: A silicone bracelet that held coins that kids could track and trade online at Because of this new business venture they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, as well as PBS Biz Kids as well as being nominated for ChiTAG’s Young Inventor of the
Year! Jake was recently named the winner of Warren Buffett’s “Grow Your Own Business” challenge.  After selling Flipoutz, Jake went on to start a new business called Beaux Up, which is an edgy twist on the classic self-tie bow tie that has two interchangeable bow tie halves on a unique clip.

Diana Zimmerman:

Diana Zimmerman

Diana has been a performer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman since the age of eight when she invested all of her resources into a small magic trick. With a total capital outlay of 47 cents, she parlayed her investment into a spectacular 25-year stage and television career that earned her the title “World’s Foremost Lady Magician.”
Diana’s transition from magical performer to the high-powered world of corporate business saw the creation of CMS Communications, Intl.,an award-winning Marketing Communications agency. Today, Diana is considered an expert on Brand Strategy, and her newest book, Why Most Branding Fails—What Stansilavky Knew, will be out in the Spring of 2015. She was recently invited to be a keynote speaker at Wharton School of Business’ Leadership Conference. Diana’s books include her award-winning series, “Kandide: the Secret of the Mists”, “Kandide: The Lady’s Revenge, and Kandide: The Flame is Fleeting.

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