Cheryl Esposito welcomes Robert MacPhee, speaker, author, coach and Founder & President of Heart Set, Inc., a company dedicated to helping people live the life of their dreams.
Robert specializes in helping people make EXCELLENT DECISIONS. His work takes him from classrooms to boardrooms. He says that high school & college students often make their most important decisions based on peer, parental, academic, & social pressures they are under. Robert’s work empowers students to make decisions driven by something far more valuable than external pressures: a strong sense of self. This enables them to take opportunities available to them in school and be fully prepared to thrive in the “real world.” Robert works with entrepreneurs, executives & their teams, & boards, to improve productivity, communication & profitability, all in the context of optimal life balance. Once again, decision-making is key. Join Cheryl Esposito & Robert MacPhee to learn the art of making Excellent Decisions to live your optimal life. Tune into Leading Conversations Friday, 4/24/15 @ 10am on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel