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Hello Cynthia:

Loved your Paradise Found article. Any suggestion for getting an anthurium to rebloom? I give it plenty of water.


red anthurium, prayer plant


Hi Glenda:
Anthuriums are one of my most favorite tropical plants providing year round glossy green foliage and striking wax-like blossoms in white, red, yellow, or pink. They have become the mascot of Hawaii although they are native to Colombia and are found throughout Central and South America. Although you may read that they need constant water, I have not found that to be true. In fact, too much water rots the roots, yellows the leaves, hinders blooming, and may even kill your plant. Water thoroughly only when the soil is dry. Good drainage is mandatory.

To get your anthurium to rebloom, make sure it is placed in a warm area with indirect bright light. North and east windows are best. Anthuriums flourish in temperatures of 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and they love humidity. It helps to mist your plant a few times a week, or mimic the rain forest environment by putting your pot of anthuriums on a saucer with gravel. Pour water into the gravel to act as a localized humidifier.

As soon as a bloom dies, cut it off, otherwise new blooms will not form and the old stalks redirect all the energy to the dead flower. Every two or three months, feed it with a fertilizer for blooming plants. Don’t over fertilizer or you’ll just produce more lush leaves with no blooms. Anthuriums also do well planted in a group with other tropicals, including orchids.

In a nutshell, you should get continuous blooms by giving your anthurium the following:
a. bright, indirect light
b. warm temperatures
c. humidity
d. thorough watering only when dry
e. good drainage
f. cutting old blooms immediately
g. fertilizing every two to three months

After I won an award in 2003, my Irish first grade teacher sent me the gift of an anthurium in celebration. It has never stopped blooming, adding the joy of the tropics to my daily life.

Good luck. Happy Gardening and Happy Growing.
Cynthia Brian

anthurium with orchid


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