Tziporah 250

One of the dates on the Bachelor with Chris Soules included Tziporah Kingsbury, known as “The Love Guru.” It was a very talked-about, and somewhat controversial, episode. While most of the comments focused only on the sexual aspect of her work, you should know that her mission “is to awaken and empower individuals and couples to access and clear emotional suppressions, develop deep states of intimacy, cultivate the richness in communication and discover the keys to living a life with greater authenticity, presence and pleasure.” Don’t we all want that? We talk about all aspects of her work on this show.
Tziporah Kingsbury is a groundbreaking intimacy expert, Integrative Breath work Specialist and Spiritual Midwife who has dedicated her life for nearly two decades to being of service to helping others access their transparent, empowered selves. She has decades of training in many disciplines including Integrated Breath work, various yogic and shamanic traditions, movement therapy meditation, conscious communication,  empathy development, tantra, psycho-spiritual counseling, life coaching, body science and conscious sexuality. Tziporah’s work has been influenced through her vast experience in various styles of body work, wholistic healing arts, “the work” by Byron Katie, self inquiry, and meditation. She was recently seen on an episode of The Bachelor. Based out of Santa Fe, NM and San Diego, CA, she travels globally and teaches seminars, classes and ceremony to empower the way people relate to and revolutionize intimacy in their lives. Visit or to learn more.

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