JIll KonrathPenny Roasma

Do your suggestions get taken seriously? Are you able to sell others your ideas, projects and services? There are two main skills needed and today, our two guests will give you some insider tips on how to harness your personal power. Our first guest is Jill Konrath, who is a sales expert. Sales is not just for people selling products. We also need sales to sell our ideas to others, and sometimes to our bosses to be considered for that raise or promotion. Jill will be challenging our assumptions about sales and give us proven strategies that work.  Our second guest is Penny Rosema who is an expert in the art of negotiation. The ability to negotiate is the second main skill needed to leverage our personal power. Penny will share some of the mistakes women make, how to prepare for negotiation success,  a negotiation road map and how to get more of what we want.  Penny has over 20 years of in the trenches experience and will share her tested techniques. Tune in 6/11 @ 12pm PT to ‘Today’s Inspiring Women‘.