A recent U.N. poll shows that 90% of the world’s citizens want governments to lead us toward zero emissions to combat climate change. That’s rich, poor, everybody. The U.N. Conference on Climate is happening this December, and the future is in their hands. With so much at stake, people everywhere are mobilizing to get governments to act. On June 18, the Pope issued an encyclical saying that human-made climate change is fact (the Pope is a trained scientist) and that confronting it is a moral imperative. Yet in our own nation, the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, Inhofe (R-OK), says climate change is a hoax or doesn’t matter. So, Paris – the climate conference in December; Italy – the Pope; and Iowa? That’s where John Davis comes in. John is an organizer for the Climate Reality Project in Iowa, and he’s a grandfather who cares. He can help us understand the Pope’s encyclical, and he can share with us what we can do to get our government to listen and act. Tune in! Call in! Join the conversation on InsideOut Tuesday 6/23/15 at 3:00pm PT.