In 2012 the Vatican cracked down on American nuns for challenging the hierarchy and focusing on social services and equality, rather than on abortion. Guilty as charged! Our guest Sister Simone Campbell and her organization NETWORK are Catholic sisters committed to awakening social conscience and lobbying for change. The Vatican specifically cited NETWORK, so Simone seized the opportunity to launch a series of tours called the Nuns on the Bus, attracting even more attention to the many social needs American nuns have been addressing. When Pope Francis was elected in 2013, he called on Christians to become revolutionaries caring for the poor and now he’s confronting climate change and our responsibility for it. He also met with representatives of America’s nuns and expressed his appreciation. Sounds like an Inner Revolution! Now Simone and two other nuns are the subject of a new documentary called Radical Grace. An activist touched by spirit, she’s is not alone. Tune in to ‘InsideOut‘ and learn more!