Walk The Labyrinth_ A Sacred Experience (1)

The labyrinth is a walking meditation, a path of prayer and an archetypal blueprint where psyche meets Spirit. Unlike a maze where you lose your way, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that helps you find your way. The sacred geometry built into the labyrinth does the work for you. Release, connect and change with more ease.  For just $35 you can join us Friday, August 7, 7:30-9pm at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas, TX.

Join Paula for ‘Walk The Labyrinth: A Sacred Experience

Through this experience you will:

Learn about the Labyrinth, Walk it, Integrate What You Gained

Release fears, stress and worry

Quiet your busy mind

Hear the Divine and your Limitless Higher Self

Find your own answers

Open your heart to receiving

Improve your health and well-being

Create more peace, joy and happiness