When you buck a big hierarchy like the Catholic Church, you can expect a fight. But perhaps the Vatican didn’t expect the fight back! Meet Rebecca Parrish, director of the inspiring film Radical Grace, which documents the struggle between U.S. nuns and the Catholic hierarchy. The film focuses on three remarkable nuns, including Simone Campbell (interviewed June 30 on InsideOut). Prior to Pope Francis, the Vatican launched an inquisition into American nuns and their social justice agenda, and it put a male bishop in charge of reforming them. The nuns and their allies pushed back. Ultimately Pope Francis called off the investigation and thanked the sisters for their dedication.This story transcends religion and women’s rights. It’s part of the Inner Revolution against mindless conformity and for the needs of real people. We’re thrilled to introduce you to director Rebecca Parrish. You’ll discover the story behind this film, Rebecca’s personal story and how making the film changed HER.

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