Just recently I self published a book entitled, “You Only Live Once” about my travels from the time I took a bar tending course when I was twenty years of age till I got married at thirty-seven years of age.

During that time I experienced great times and stressful times. I traveled a lot and did some pretty cool things along the way. Nothing held me back from doing something that sounded adventurous. Some of the time it didn’t turn out so good but when that happened something or someone else came along and I moved on to other exciting opportunities.

In the book I do not just talk about the jobs and travel but I discuss the social obstacles I had while growing up and how being a bartender and working in the hospitality industry really helped me out.

It is an action packed book so if you are one that likes to travel, enjoys adventure, and would like to do something but cannot find the courage to start, this book may be the kick start you need.
I asked myself before trying something new, “what is the worst thing that can happen if this does not work out” and the answer was try something else.

Another thing I would like to mention is this book is for someone who is starting out and looking at the Hospitality Industry as a career option. One of the reasons for my show on the Variety channel is to broaden one’s knowledge of the industry. It certainly shouldn’t stop at being a waiter or bartender. There are many options available.

As a side note I am keeping track of book sales so any purchase of an e-book I donate $1 to Sick Kids Foundation. My oldest son spent a month in there and another two weeks another time when he had to have 6 inches of his intestine taken out due to a ruptured appendix. So I would like to give back. You can keep track of the money raised on my blog waiterextraordinaire on blogspot dot com.

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