Cheryl Esposito welcomes Gary Malkin and Bruce Cryer, Co-Founders of What Makes Your Heart Sing? Gary Malkin is an Emmy® award-winning composer, speaker & educator. Bruce Cryer is former CEO of HeartMath, the renowned health & wellness organization, & is Global Director of HeartMath Healthcare. In college Gary & Bruce pursued their love of the performing arts. Bruce went onto a successful career on Broadway. (Then he became a CEO-you know, the typical CEO career track.) Gary went to Hollywood, becoming an award-winning music composer for television, film, & commercials. Their own experiences with healthcare compelled them to create What Makes Your Heart Sing? They saw the power of the arts in healing. What Makes Your Heart Sing? is a powerful catalyst to deepen our humanity & inspire our leadership capacities, especially at a time of stress & complexity. Do you know what makes your heart sing? Join Cheryl Esposito with Gary Malkin & Bruce Cryer on Leading Conversations to get to the heart of the matter!