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QDNA® Epigenetics Happiness Genes: Unlock the Positive Potential Hidden in Your DNA best selling author James D. Baird, PhD and Marina Rose, QDNA® reveal how to stop being hijacked by your genes.

Join Marina Rose, QDNA® and James D. Baird, PhD at 3:00pmPST on 10/6/15.

A paradigm-shattering synthesis of science and society reveals that the planet is in the midst of an incredible evolutionary event. . . the emergence of a new species, “Humanity”. The evolution is driven by a change in human awareness. We are, each and all, active participants in what will amount to the greatest adventure in human history: Our Conscious Evolution! Says, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

Two types of happiness exist. One is from the mutations emerging from Psychology, the New Era of Positive Psychology which teaches at major universities the components termed as “common happiness”: pleasures, meaning and self improvement. Our guest James D. Baird, PhD states, “These are subjectively verifiable variables. Personal experience can validate what is true for the individual, one defect of this model is the components of happiness are transient and subject to change as each person’s life goes through changes. Another more significant defect is that the components are responsive to external circumstances. Microbiologists have discovered a biological basis to human happiness, a second type of happiness that is genetic in nature. This is the “Natural Happiness.”

James D. Baird, PhD is a renaissance man with 40 years of experience as a successful inventor, graduate engineer who pioneered a new science of “ultrasonics” which earned him several patents. He founded Dynasonics, Inc., a design and manufacturing company of ultrasonic sensors and computers. His inventory background instilled in him a persistent curiosity about how things work, translating from mechanisms to life. His passion for understanding the bioengineering that makes us human, combined with his religious and spiritual beliefs led him to research the subject of happiness for more than 20 years, and in the process, earned him a PhD in Natural Health. Dr. Baird studied genetics, common behaviors and researched behavioral epigenetics, which holds the promise of modifying behavior by changing gene expression. He is the author of six books on human behavior, “Behavioral Genes”, “Happiness Genes”, “Obesity Genes”, “Mindful Meals Diet”, “Modern Christian Happiness Plan”, and “The Happiness Plan”.

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