With higher personal awareness and respect for others, more and more of us are seeing the manipulations and intellectual dishonesty too often represented in the media, social media, politics and corporations. I invite those who seek to understand and co-create to connect in any way we can for our future, our economy, our planet and our communities. Unlike never before, we now have one or two degrees of separation from the people and wisdom that will guide us. First, though, I ask myself, what I choose to invest my energy and wisdom in. It starts within. It starts in spirit. Then it moves to seeing ourselves and others. Then courage moves us to take our path. We include all cultures, perspectives and we learn from difference and from conflict. And we learn to take the time the relationship requires.
Ken Photo
We feature Ken Cloke on Be Aware; “Collaboration as the highest road to the self. It constructs a higher order of creation.” Ken is a brilliant visionary with a large heart. He also shows us so much about our own awareness that comes through conflict.

Also, featured are Cheryl Cardinal and Ryan Robb talking about engaging First Nations.