SPIRITUAL EDUCATION. Oct 26, 2015, 2:00 pm PST (VoiceAmerica Women).
It rather stands out nowadays that less and less people are managing their lives successfully. On the surface there seem to be plenty of reasons: stress, economical challenges, the daily grind in our work, problems in our private life, health problems, you name it….On closer examination though, we must recognize that simultaneous to our personal lives there are huge changes happening around the globe.

A couple of years ago our planet has entered a new phase in its history which has brought about the beginning of a transformational process that will only deepen as it continues. Mother Earth is changing, and her children with it. Even scientists and sociologists are in agreement about this phenomenon – check the current literature! As we are all in the midst of it, many of us are confronted with the question what to do about this new energy……do we rebel against it or do we look for meaningful integration?