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Nick Fosberg was once a struggling bar restaurant owner, paying bills out of his own pocket just to keep his doors open. After hitting massive frustration, Nick reached out to marketing books, courses, seminars, and then finally hired a marketing and business coach to help him figure out how to increase sales and profits. Within 8 months of working with his coach, Nick doubled his business by applying what he now calls his Loyal Regular Value Optimization Marketing Funnel or “LRVO”for short. After his success and having to look outside the industry for answers, he started Bar Restaurant Success and launched his first book titled “The Bar Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Doubling Your Profits & Loyal Regulars In Any Economy” so he could provide the answers owners are looking for – How to get new customers in the door without wasting marketing dollars! You will not want to miss this show if you want to increase your market share!

Nick Fosberg is the author of the book “The Bar Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Doubling Your Profits & Loyal Regulars In Any Economy”, is owner of 2 bars in the Chicagoland area, and the founder of Bar Restaurant Success. Over the last 4 years Nick has been helping bar and restaurant owners take their business to the next level by applying his “Loyal Regular Value Optimization” marketing system, or LRVO for short, their business. Nick made a massive impact in the industry when he launched “The Solution” case study video where he walked through how he took 6 different bar and restaurant owners, from all over the country, and brought them between $8,100 to $59,625 in sales from sending the exact same 3 e-mails. After he showed proof, backend results, and video testimonials from these owners, Nick has become the industries leading expert in attracting new customers and turning them into loyal regulars. To download his free reports and case studies, go to

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