Think back to when you were a young child and you lived life full of wonder, curiosity and a strong belief that you could accomplish almost anything you set out to achieve. When asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, you easily tapped into your true gifts and innate abilities and selected the profession in which you felt you would experience the most fulfillment. There were no restrictions or self-limiting beliefs about it; you knew without a doubt it was the job that brought you delight and revealed your unique brilliance.

Now fast forward 20 years or more. How did that belief and vision change over time? How have the tags and labels you’ve acquired guided you to your chosen profession? Has it worked in your favor and are you feeling fulfilled in your life? Or, can you notice how the labels related to your age, gender, race or nationality and the biases associated with them may have limited your ability to occupy your desired profession? What else may have prevented you from stepping onto the path aligned with your natural gifts? Maybe it is fear that you might fail. Perhaps it is feelings of uncertainty. Now remember how those same feelings as a child propelled you to take a risk and enjoy the adventure. Today, simply observe, without judgment, how your feelings have changed over time.

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