We all have hidden beliefs that keep us playing small and limit our potential in life. We keep them hidden because we think it is easier to avoid and deny them than to bring them to the surface. However, by stuffing them we create conditions that will ultimately lead to some form of self-destruction or negative consequences. It is like submerging a beach ball under water. We can do that for a little while but eventually the ball is going to pop to the surface and the more we submerge it the greater the negative consequence.
Our hidden beliefs serve as traps and needless obstacles that prevent us from making great strides to achieving our dreams in life. They tell us “we’re not good enough,” “it is better to play it safe than try something new,” “no one is really listening anyway,” and so on. These beliefs will never go away either unless we shine light on them. They become relentless mind chatter that chip away at our feelings of worth, purpose and strength. They take us further and further away from our unique gifts and true self. They develop out of protection the first time we fail at something and they bring us comfort in knowing that by listening to them, we might not fail again.

These beliefs are so painful to hold onto. We are born of unconditional love and acceptance and as we go through life it is these beliefs that have us feeling defenseless against challenging events and powerless in life.

When we shine light on these beliefs, they slowly lose power and the grip that they have on our life begins to loosen. We begin to see how absurd and inaccurate they really are because at our core, we know we are perfect and have unlimited potential to succeed. Let me repeat that, WE ARE PERFECT! Each and every one of us. We are our own worst enemies. The people who are successful in life have the courage to shine light on their limiting beliefs. And, the more light they shine on those beliefs, the more successful they become. The ego cannot survive in the light. It completely disintegrates allowing all the masks we wear to fall way. It is then, and only then, that we can tap into all the power we possess within us and transform our lives from the inside out. So today, when you hear that voice telling you that you are not good enough, turn toward it and let it know who is really in control.

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