Adam Rozen knows a thing or two about matching food with beverages. How about matching flavored coated peanuts with different craft beers? With so many types of beers out in the market nowadays the old days of flavorless lagers and ales are a thing of the past. With that so is the salted chips and walnuts you get served at the bar. Adam knows that people want to have something great and tasty and not bland and dry to munch on while having their favorite beer. Nuts for Drinks is the first ever, premium baked and specially coated peanut snack that pairs perfectly with your favorite alcoholic beverages. Find out how he came with the idea and put it to good use. Judging by his success so far in pleasing people’s palate, you will not want to miss this week’s episode. It will whet your appetite and make you thirsty all at the same time!

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