I believe we have 2 choices in life: we can choose to live our lives from a place of fear or we can embrace faith to guide us to a more fulfilling future. Most people will spend their lives living at the effect, feeling controlled by outside stimuli. Their minds will not penetrate what it means to live from their essence or core beliefs. Instead, they will place all their time and energy into reacting. If you reflect back on a time where you were really scared, you can recall how you probably felt powerless over external situations or people. Some people choose to live their entire lives from this place which leads to controlling behaviors and can result in patterns of abuse. People who choose to live from this place run the risk of becoming imprisoned by the mind.

In contrast, people who live according to their core beliefs will not feel threatened by others. When their buttons are pushed they will not feel the need to react but rather to lean into the emotions and discover something about themselves. Because they feel worthy, their focus is to get closer to living from their core beliefs every day.  They are able to see the opportunity to learn and grow in moments that are stressful. A simple shift of the mind creates an entirely different reality.

When we choose growing over living in fear we allow our minds to expand. An awareness of our supreme self and a belief in our wholeness will easily dissolve our limiting beliefs, allowing us to blossom into our most authentic selves. This is a conscious choice we make every day. When we can live at the cause rather than the effect, we can find an inner state of peace, calm and confidence. We can free ourselves from the false sense of being separate that compromises our beliefs around safety and trust. We release doubt and toxic energy and allow positive energy to attract positive situations, people and experiences into our lives.

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