Finding your source and living in your light allows your feelings of gratitude to take on a whole new meaning. This Thanksgiving, as I give thanks for all my blessings, I reflect on the peace that I’m able to tap into at any given moment, the passion that makes me feel alive, and living on purpose and fulfilling my dreams and aspirations. I reflect on the masks I allowed to fall to the floor and the renewed energy I feel as I can simply “be” without striving to meet the needs of everyone I meet. I reflect on the sense of wonder and curiosity I have as I embark on new journeys and a renewed sense of compassion for myself and others. I reflect on my ability to turn off the firing of self-limiting beliefs that used to keep me stuck and playing life small. I reflect on my tribe…the most radiant beings who have come into my life and nurture and feed my soul with life-giving energy and unconditional support.
Living mindfully has become a way of life for me and for this I’m deeply grateful. My life today mirrors my message; I realize how powerful my beliefs are on my reality and I know that what I think, I will become. I’ve learned that my health is my real wealth and I’ve learned the importance of taking care of me so I can better care for and be of service to others. Laughter has become a staple in my life and I enjoy the little things as much as the big life events. I’ve learned to surrender and go with the flow. My strong faith and trust in the process carries me over the threshold when life is uncertain, and my ability to detach from the outcome and just enjoy the moments that make up each experience has brought forth feelings of liberation I could never have imagined. Magic exists in my life again and synchronicities appear often. Life has a whole new meaning and the good news is, you can tap into this life too.

As you lay down tonight and reflect on your life, what is it that you are truly grateful for? Are the things you identify a constant in your life or might they be susceptible to change at any given moment? How might you strive to tap into a gratitude that doesn’t depend on chance or privilege but one that emanates from your core like a warm blanket bringing forth peace, serenity, security and fulfillment? Invite these forms of gratitude into your life this holiday season and believe in the magic that will soon surround you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!