Is there life after death?–an age-old question. Religion asks us to have faith. The more scientifically minded want proof, but what proof would document that which cannot be seen or touched in the earthly realm? For some, there may never be enough proof. When you enter this quest with curiosity and an open mind, however, you just might find the proof that convinces you that the afterlife is real. It can be a preponderance of evidence or it can be one or more powerfully moving personal experiences. Once you begin to see that the afterlife truly does exist and that you can communicate with your loved ones who have passed, your perception of life and everything you thought you knew to be true changes. The loss is still very real, but it can be tempered by the deeper connection that you feel when worldly concerns and interpersonal challenges are gone. What is left is the opportunity to heal and to receive and give unconditional love. Please join us Thursday for Proof of the Afterlife.

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