Three things clog your soul: imbalance, negativity and judgment. As we enter the craziness of this holiday season, I know how imbalance can easily become a driver of stress for all of us. I recently learned that the hours we sleep before midnight are equal to 2 hrs a night after midnight. So, one thing to help you recharge may be to get to bed earlier. Sleep deprivation can certainly make us feel imbalanced.

Negativity can creep into our lives in so many ways. On my radio show this week I was explaining how to stop using a negative filter for your life. Have you ever noticed yourself viewing life from a “lack of” perspective? Simply shifting the filter to a more positive one will allow you to feel grateful and replenish your soul. I find a gratitude journal is a great way to do this. Before long, you will be counting your blessings!

And now for the big one – Judgment! Start today by simply being aware of all the times you judge someone else…perhaps for the clothes they are wearing, the slow driving as you are late to your appointment or the unfriendly demeanor of the checkout person. Then, think about that person in the crazy clothes and instead acknowledge his willingness to embrace his unique style. And that slow driver, maybe she is simply enjoying the moments of the day because she is old and doesn’t have a whole lifetime to embrace. And that unhappy checkout person, maybe she just lost her dog this am. My point is, who are we to judge? Who granted us the right? And when we stop doing it, we are able to connect and learn that we truly are all the same: human beings just longing to be loved and accepted. I challenge you to get your jingle on and go out there with a new perspective this holiday season. And, in the end, notice how recharged you feel.

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