Most of us believe that disease is caused by observable data, like multiplying cells or germs or genetic predisposition. We assume that if you treat the specific problem in the body, you can cure the disease. The problem with this way of understanding illness is that it doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem. Even if you cure the immediate disease, unless you eliminate the cause, the same disease or another one will emerge. New models of the cause of disease are emerging which point to the connection between our thoughts and emotions and mental and physical illness. If you want to eliminate the cause and not just the symptoms, you must work with the mind, the emotions, spiritual techniques and love in addition to the physical body. This requires a huge paradigm shift in an age when anything that is not Western Medicine is demeaned as being Alternative. If we want true health and healing, this paradigm shift is essential. Please join us December 24th to learn more about deep healing.

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