What follows is extremely valuable information on how we can make 2016 a spectacular year for ourselves and at the same time decrease destructive influences in the world.  If enough of us do this, we can even help to create world peace. All we have to do is spend a few minutes each day doing the exercises described below. Invite others to do this to add even more positive energy to the world. The more of us who do this, the better it is for all of us.

Psychic Dawon Washington, my teacher, mentor and colleague, emphasizes that 2016 is a year of choice and of great potential. The energies for this year are opening doors for us to create what we want, but we have to do our part to make that happen. The choice is to give into fear and close doors of opportunity or add to the positive energy and help to create a world of joy, peace and light. We truly are co-creators, and more than ever, our positive or negative attitudes, words, thoughts and deeds will influence our own lives and the world. The energy we create of fear or love will spread into the world. Through positivity we can help create calm and peace within the weather systems and even diminish the level of violence in the world. As we accept and love ourselves, knowing that we deserve love, peace healing and abundance, we automatically let go of violence, fear and judgment of others. We can even influence the economy. Let’s commit to planting the seeds of positivity, growing them and manifesting them within ourselves and in the world. If this idea that world peace starts with peace within ourselves seems hard to understand, I want to remind you of some of my previous radio shows with guests like Sandra Ingerman.

Dawon also explains, as did Dr. Larry Dossey in our very first show, that if we come together in One Mind, we can bring peace and love to the planet. In this One Mind, we share a single consciousness. The more we understand that we are all connected and that we all influence each other, the more motivation there is to focus on love rather than fear. The more of us who focus on love, the more love and positive energy there will be in the world, which in turn will benefit all of us.

Exercises to Manifest Blessings in Your Life and in the World

As Dawon suggests, if we all repeat these 2 mantras and do these exercises daily, we can help to create our best year ever and manifest love, peace, abundance, joy, light and healing into our lives and into the world.

The first mantra is: We are love as we are loved. All is love as all is loved.

The second one is: We are not victims. We are beings of light empowered through love.

This first exercise that Dawon created will help calm the energies within you and within the earth. Because this year is a year of the heart, it will be a very emotional year. This exercise will help you deal with your emotions in a more peaceful way. Begin by envisioning the earth as peaceful. See a pink heart in the center of the earth and inside the heart is a white rose or white lotus flower. Then think these words into the planet and all that is on the planet 3 times: World peace through love.

The second exercise will help you connect more strongly with your limitless higher self. It is through your limitless higher self that all healing and manifestation occurs. We truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience on earth. The more connected you are to this spiritual part of your Self, the easier and more positive your life will be. Here is a magical exercise that will change your destiny. Think of the happiest day of your life and imagine the Divine shining light on your limitless higher self on that day. Then imagine that your limitless higher self merges with you in this moment and that you are walking on a golden road of limitless possibility. The road is well lit by the Divine and that light is guiding you to limitless peace, joy and light.

There were 3 more important pieces of information for manifesting this year. First, silver is the color for the year and carries the energy of the Divine Feminine aspect of creation. This is new energy being brought into the world to help empower women, bring the masculine and feminine energies into balance and help create world peace. Wearing the color silver, burning silver candles and breathing in silver light will help you connect with this energy. Second, to heal and awaken the heart chakra and to connect more deeply to your limitless higher self, wear, carry and/or meditate with any of these crystals: moonstone, jade, cornelian or turquoise. Third, Archangel Michael is the primary healer this year for any area of your life. Call on him for healing, be specific as to what you want and give him permission in a positive way only to help you, and he will. As with the mantras and other exercises, doing these things daily will bring the most benefit.

The Process of Manifestation

Because manifestation takes patience, my silver lining story today is about patience and trusting yourself. This lesson came through my experience with my washing machine, which appeared to be broken. It was December, and I had a lot that I was managing. I didn’t want to have to focus on figuring out my best course of action when my machine wasn’t draining properly. I had a lot of distracting thoughts and couldn’t come to a place of certainty about what to do. So I did nothing. I decided that I could always use a laundromat until I got clarity on what I wanted to do. A few days passed and my mind quieted enough for me to think through a plan that felt good to me. With confidence, I found a repairman who had consistently high recommendations on Yelp. I liked his manner when I called him, and I liked the fact that he runs his own business and does the repairs himself. The night before our scheduled appointment, I had a feeling that I should try my washing machine again. I ran one small load with no problem and followed it with a larger load that was also successful. In the morning, I called John to explain what had happened. He was very cordial and had no problem cancelling the appointment. If I had acted in a panic, I wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to pay attention to the quiet promptings of my inner wisdom that was telling me that there may not really be a problem at all. There were a lot of silver linings here for me beginning with realizing that not to act was an option. This was new behavior for me that led to peace of mind, making a choice that felt good, listening to my inner wisdom and getting confirmation that the repairman who I chose was professional and trustworthy. I now have him in my contacts for next time. It may sound strange to you that I’m talking about listening to my inner wisdom over a washing machine, but really we always have a choice of listening to the chatter in our head or paying attention to the answers that we already have within ourselves and that includes the mundane as well as the profound. The more we learn to trust ourselves on the little things, the more we are willing and able to trust ourselves on the big things. It is all important when we realize that every choice leads us down a path to a series of other choices.

When we talk about manifestation or getting what we want, the ability to be patient is extremely important. Most of us want everything right now, but it doesn’t happen that way. As one client said: “Thank you for teaching me that change is a process, not an event.” And that means any kind of change from healing the pain of our past to bringing in the blessings and joys that we want. I encourage my clients to focus on the small changes because they lead to the big changes. It’s important to take the long view, remembering where you were, where you are now and where you want to be. As we learn to focus on every victory, even the small ones, they will grow and grow until one day you won’t have to work at looking for the growth. It will be natural to always focus on the positive.

Blessings Journal and Manifestation Journal

If you think of every day as a blessing of knowledge, wisdom and growth, you will open new doors to life. In fact, I suggest that you keep a Blessing Journal and at the end of each day you take the time to write down the blessings that you received that day: the blessings of knowledge, wisdom and growth. This will shift your attention from the perceived difficulties or challenges in life to the blessings. We get what we focus on. Teach yourself to focus on all the good in your life and the good will increase.


What are you willing to commit to doing this year to help bring peace, joy, light, abundance, love and healing to yourself and to the world?

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