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What does it take to have an entrepreneurial mindset and to overcome some of the key mental roadblocks an entrepreneur faces? Serial entrepreneur, Raj Daniels, this week’s guest on The Business Edge, has been actively involved in five different verticals. His latest venture is Open Time App, a tool that allows you to broadcast your availability to your network. He shares his personal entrepreneurial journey: the challenges –the mishaps – and the successes and how he uses his past experiences to now teach and mentor young entrepreneurs and new business leaders. Listen and learn: why an entrepreneurial mindset is really a growth mindset; how resiliency is the key trait that defines successful entrepreneurs; the four key elements of an entrepreneurial mindset; lessons learned from his first failure as a young entrepreneur; the need for accountability partners whether you’re leading a start-up or a thriving enterprise; and how, with a young family and self-employed, he deals with the everyday work life balance challenges.

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