Are you sick and tired? Emotional abuse is what I call “The Silent Killer.” Because most people do not know how to recognize it or even that it exists, it gets misdiagnosed by trained professionals and by the abused. The abuser slowly saps your energy and your health until you are barely able to function while they seem to have an unlimited source of energy. By the end of my 36-year marriage, I was literally spending 1/2 of every week too tired to do anything. When I wasn’t dealing with colds or congestion, I would spend days rebuilding my energy in order to dance. If I didn’t have such a strong love of dance, I’m not sure what would have happened to me. Although I didn’t know it at the time, Argentine Tango became a powerful way for me to heal. I used it to overcome fear, discover my own talents and strength and reconnect with parts of my Self that I had lost while living with abuse. Please join us Thursday to learn how to recognize emotional abuse, rediscover your true Self and heal.

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