Trish McCarthy

When you visit StarShine Academy in one of the hardest hit areas in Phoenix, AZ you immediately understand that it has been a process to transform the single most important element for our future: our children through education!

A K-12 school focused on the principles and values that kids and children need to learn for today’s world which of course will include how they dedicate their lives for something meaningful.

When I met Trish McCarthy over three years ago she talked so passionately about the kids and teenagers they were teaching at StarShine that when I had the opportunity I went for a visit (walls are painted in Disney ® Blue!) and I had the incredible chance to talk to the seniors and juniors who amazingly were from different countries and were not going through the best of times; but that all changed in StarShine. In Trish’s words: “Our non-profit charter school prototype, StarShine Academy, has given us a live, testing model for cutting-edge practices, tools, educational methodologies and technologies.”

Since then, Trish and so many incredible individuals have started new and incredible ideas and initiatives to promote further education. Listen to the interview with Trish and learn about the X-Prize to end illiteracy and the Vatican document on Education Sustainability. They are all working together to design the curriculum for the new way of teaching for the future.

About Trish McCarty:

Trish McCarty believes sustainability is determined by what we teach children as humane leaders.  She is a former banker and international consultant, entrepreneur, who formed Education Resources as a government contracting firm in 1999. In 2002 she opened a K-12 charter school, StarShine Academy as a real-time pilot model for what all children deserve to learn about success with academics.

Her inspirational books emphasize her spiritually combined success, with accountability and have been used as the basis for schools and training centers throughout the world. She has been featured on every major network including the Christian channel Trinity Broadcast. Today Trish is best known for establishing StarShine Network, a social network bridging the best people, products and companies to further inspire K-12 education.

A multiple Amazon Best Seller, and most recent, The Soul of Success was a compilation book, with several noteworthy authors including Jack Canfield. Trish lives what she teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, kids, relationships and happiness.

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