Motivation has been defined as the “act or instance of motivating or providing a reason to act in a certain way or to accomplish something”. So as a verb, it activates “action”.

Motivation is a key ingredient for success and we must understand that everything we do and dare to do, allow us to move forward no matter what happens to us, to fight adversity and to continue building and working to create our better future.

Being motivated is already a challenge by itself. This for you means: stay motivated every day to motivate and inspire others does matter.

As Coach Pat Railey once said: “a champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.” I would add, we all need motivation above all.

Join me as we start understanding the importance of motivation for today’s challenges and opportunities.

Luis Vicente Garcia_Motivacion
About Luis Vicente Garcia

Luis Vicente Garcia is a Business Performance Coach certified by FocalPoint Coaching and Training, a best-selling author, motivational international speaker and the Host of the radio show ‘Performing at Your Best: Mindset Evolution‘ on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. @lvgarciag