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Insolvency, bankruptcy and reorganization are powerful challenges and require an inner strength that comes from faith, know-how, experience and bravery. My guest on this week’s The Business Edge is Patrick Rettig, America’s Top Turnaround He shares his unique philosophy that has saved over 800 businesses in the last twenty years. To do this he delves into the psyche of CEO’s to help them understand their behavior affects their company’s financial status and growth. Listen to this podcast and learn: The rationale behind the title: When is more too much and when is enough enough?; what’s dimension jumping and why it’s important to focus on the NOW; the difference between failure and mistakes, it’s not just semantics; the five things CEO’s must do every day to take charge and build a strong future; how to manage yourself and your business while under extreme financial pressure. Tune in Every Friday at noon PST to The Business Edge with Marcia Zidle, The Smart Moves Coach, and hear street smart advice from my guests on how to create and grow great businesses that matter – those that do well and do good.