How many times have you heard someone say: “I don’t believe in an after-life and we really won’t know the truth until we die. So what’s the point of speculating?” What if we could know now? Even better, what if the information that people who have seen the after-life bring back to us, could help us live our life here on earth with more joy, peace and happiness? We actually are in that position. There have been thousands of recorded near-death experiences by numerous researchers over many years. Each has unique aspects, but the preponderance of evidence proves that these experiences are real. Not only are they authentic, but the individuals touched by these experiences gain wisdom that helps them live their lives differently. Just like a cancer survivor learns the value of family, friendship and the pure joy of taking another breath, near-death experience survivors also live life from a new perspective. Please join us Thursday to learn how this information can enhance your life.

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