Wayne Breitbarth August 13, 2014

LinkedIn overhauls the Groups feature, Messaging on the site be completely revamped, Endorsements are popping up every time you open LinkedIn, the new mobile app seems to have a mind of its own and people are able to publish full length articles on their profile.

My Guest on this week’s Business Edge is Wayne Breitbarth, the CEO of Power Formula, who gives us concrete ways to capitalize on LinkedIn’s latest updates and revisions to get grow our businesses and careers.  Wayne has shared his expertise with more than 80,000 business professionals through private business consulting, dynamic presentations to worldwide audiences, and his critically acclaimed book The Power
Formula for LinkedIn Success (now in its third edition).

Listen to this podcast and learn: The three biggest mistakes people are making on LinkedIn; free vs premium membership: which is best for you; why you should start publishing and how to leverage your post; how LinkedIn mobile app has changed the way you craft and display your profile; the challenge of the new messaging system and how to get your message out to your connections; if it’s better to have a big network of people you hardly know or a smaller network you know very well; why a well-thought out strategy before execution is critical to finding the right job or acquiring the best customers.

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