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When we combine the definitions of ‘Attitude’ and ‘Performance’, we find a really interesting combination: one that allows us to focus, set our goals and particularly define how we want our mindset to work.

Attitude has been defined as the “manner or disposition with regards to a person or a thing”. However, when we look at its meaning from a performance point of view, it defines how we behave and what we feel towards a person, thing, company or market. This is why then the concept of Performance Attitude is a key ingredient of what you can do, how you behave and what you will be able to accomplish.

Join us on this episode of ‘Performance at Your Best’ as we explore how to combine the positive aspects of Performance and Attitude.

Luis Vicente Garcia is a Business Performance Coach with FocalPoint Coaching and Training, International speaker, Best-selling author and radio host who focuses on leadership, teams, success and entrepreneurship.

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