How do you maximize operational efficiencies, hire the right people and make sure you are serving your customers well?  How do you avoid burning out as your grow your business? How do build a business that is here today and here tomorrow? The Answer Is: Systematize For Success. On this episode of The Business Edge my guest Johnette van Eeden, founder and CEO of Star Wellness has grown her business on the principle  “systematize for success!” As a serial entrepreneur, she advocates all key processes of every business, including hiring, training, sales, accounting, and operations, can and more importantly should be systematized.: Therefore, everyone knows where to go and what to do…they simply follow the system.  Key employees can leave for a few days without chaos.  New employees have a resource to turn to instead of having to ask someone how to do everything (or worse, just guess).  In fact, Johnette went on vacation for a month during the busiest time last year, and didn’t have to worry because she knew she had the systems and people in place to make it run smoothly.
Listen to this Podcast and Learn: How she grew from a one woman show to multiple locations to now having a franchise operations; the challenge of growing too quickly and how Michael Gerber’s E-Myth book put her on the track to success; her systematized hiring process and the tools she uses to get the right people in the right seats on the bus; how she became a master time manager as her company took off and added multiple product lines and advice from a serial entrepreneur on the success factors for building a sustainable business. The key take away: Set goals for where you want to be, formulate a plan to get there; take small steps each day in the right direction and you WILL eventually build momentum. Never give up! Tune in Every Friday at noon PST to The Business Edge with Marcia Zidle, The Smart Moves Coach, and hear street smart advice from my guests on how to create and grow great businesses that matter – those that do well and do good.