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Hello to you all!

This month of March will be undeniably another one of these intense month of transformation that we can prepare ourselves for. It is a month filled with many thresholds to new levels of consciousness, that’s for sure. First we have the full solar eclipse on March 8th at the New Moon, then the Spring Equinox on March 20th, only to be followed by the Festival of the Christ on the day of the full moon on March 23rd where we will experience also a partial lunar eclipse. These are action packed times, indeed, and the Hierarchy of Light wants to support us more than ever to find ways to effortlessly surf these cosmic waves of transformation that offer so many powerful opportunities for accelerated spiritual growth to us.

One of the ways to receive this support is by listening to our weekly radio shows. All shows throughout March will be focused on these upcoming and highly charged events.

In our next episode airing for the first time on March 2nd, St. Germain will offer guidance to prepare the initiate at the threshold to a new life.

On the path of initiation there always comes a time of re-evaluation and choosing when approaching the threshold to a new beginning. Life then becomes a powerful tool of transformation. It will mirror an inner world back to you that demands your full attention and is asking you to release what no longer is in alignment with your heart felt truth.

In this radio show St. Germain will take you on a journey into your inner Self to help you let go of what no longer serves you. He will infuse you with a dual healing ray that incorporates the power of Geburah and the power of Chesed within its core. This gives the Initiate the strength and courage offered by Geburah to leave behind what has kept him or her limited, yet it is also balanced with the love, compassion and mercy of Chesed to create a kinder and gentler path going forward. Not everything is always exactly the way it appears to be at first. Within all existence is divine light and purpose. Therefore use respect and an open mind as you approach any situation or relationship. No matter how dark something might appear to be at first, always remember that all is part of God/Source/Creator/The Great Spirit of All That Is.

Mike Snyder will also add his beautiful channeled music to these radio shows again to assist in the downloading and integration of the energy attunements offered. For more information on his healing services, recorded music and events offered in the past, please visit his website at

The inspired picture of St. Germain on the VoiceAmerica host page was created by Eva Sullivan. For more information on her and her artwork, please visit her website at

You can listen to new episodes of The Power of Transformation on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Channel every Wednesday evening at 8 pm EST, 5 pm Pacific Time or listen to the recordings afterwards any time it is convenient for you. Please use below link for this purpose.

May this month of March bring many great revelations to all of you.

Love and blessings,

Brigitte and St. Germain