Michelle Poler on her TEDx Houston Talk

When you decide to start an important quest, there will certainly be many questions on your head. Could I do it? Will I fail? Will I succeed? How?

When I met Michelle Poler she had already embarked on what became her life project: Facing her Fears. And it has been transformational.

How many fears do you have? Some may be fear of failing, being rejected or not achieving. And if you think that way, you will never do.

If you are determined to finish strong you really have to get rid of your fears, even the simpler ones. This is what Michelle has taught us: you can Escape from Your Fears. As many have found, you can be afraid even of starting and taking action.

Performance is about Action, decisiveness, being fearless. This is what we will cover in this fearless show. Join me as I interview Michelle Poler as she talks to us about her 100 days of Fear, her new ideas and how she decided to take Action!
Michelle Poler with Luis Vicente Garcia

About Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts holding a master’s degree in Branding. A few months ago, she quit her job as an Art Director to develop what started as a school project and turned into a life-changing experience.

Earlier this year, Michelle decided to face all of her fears and record herself for her project 100 Days Without Fear. She planned to become a braver person by the end of the 100 days, what she didn’t plan was to inspire millions along the way.

Michelle Poler, Founder, 100 Days Without Fear

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