Too many ideas came to mind when I wrote the name for this radio show. – Change Your Smile and Change your Life? – From Smiling to Success? – Smile for Success? Every single title is very appropriate for the subject we cover in this positive show as it is all in our Mindset, our Positive Attitude. I met Dr. Tomas Seif over 30 years ago. Yes he is a dentist and also an entrepreneur. How do you go from learning one skill at the university to leading an entire organization of professionals and having success along the way? By doing what you are passionate about. Understanding that your attitude is a key determinant of your entire life and eventually your personal and professional success will affect everything you do, and even hanging your smile. This is what Tomas does for his patients and he has a really incredible approach to do it. Join us in this exciting program and learn how to “Smile your War to Success!” Guest Bio Information: Tomas Seif, DDS Dr. Seif obtained his DDS degree at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1989 and his Master of Science degree in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Michigan School of dentistry, USA in 1992. He is founder and former president of the “Venezuelan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry” and an active member of the “International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry”. As an entrepreneur he founded and is the director of the “Venezuelan Institute for dental updating” and later found “NoRonquesMas” a dental service for treating snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Seif lectures extensively both nationally and internationally having presented lectures in the main programs of the most important dental academies around the globe. He is regularly invited as professor in Venezuelan dental schools. He has edited and co-authored several textbooks in dentistry, some of which are used as textbooks at different universities. His Private practice is dedicated exclusively to restorative dentistry and esthetics in Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Tomas Seif