Kristin Engvig

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Kristin Engvig, pioneering founder of WIN (Women’s International Networking), who has dedicated the past 20 years to women’s leadership and organizational change, inspiring others to create a world where business and society flourish and all people thrive. What do you do when the seed of an idea evolves into a vision, then becomes a force of influence and transformation for women around the world? If you are Kristin Engvig, founder of WIN, you breathe. You consider possibility. You build relationships. You step forward not knowing the outcome. You trust. You course correct if something does not work. What you don’t do is give up the core of the seed, the intent that was bigger than even you could imagine at the time, the values that nurtured the idea into being. This is not always the path of least resistance…
A native of Norway, Kristin believes it is her responsibility to be a global citizen. Her career spans leadership roles at global corporations including JPMorgan & Citibank, to her current work as an international strategy and marketing consultant. In the midst of that journey, Kristin’s vision of “…a sustainable, feminine, global & authentic way of being in work, communities & life…” evolved into her founding of WIN (Women’s International Networking), which today is an independent global women’s leadership organization.
Transforming ourselves in order to transform the world – one where business & societies flourish and all people thrive… building relationships to inspire possibility…stepping forward to take action, trusting that each step is a transformative moment for humanity. Every moment matters. Every person matters.

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